ChatGPT’s Mobile App Revenue Saw Its Biggest Spike Yet Following Gpt-4o Launch

| Updated on May 24, 2024
chatgpts mobile app

Consumer demand for the latest AI tech is heating up more and more. With the launch of OpenAI’s latest GPT-4o, the company has seen the biggest spike in revenue on mobile since it initially released the ChatGPT.

GPT-4o launched on May 13, can easily handle text, speech and video as well as deliver real time responsiveness and a range of other emotive voice options. This makes it far more powerful than any other AI model on the market.

Though OpenAI said GPT-4o would be offered to users on its free tier, that promise didn’t stretch to include users of its ChatGPT app on mobile. Instead, mobile users are being pushed to upgrade to its $19.99 monthly subscription, ChatGPT Plus, if they want to experiment with OpenAI’s most recent launch.

That strategic decision is generating increased demand for subscriptions among mobile users and has now led to the biggest-ever revenue spike OpenAI has yet seen on mobile devices.

Appfigures Stats on OpenAI Net Revenue on Mobile App Since GPT 4o Launch

The ChatGPT mobile app’s net revenue first jumped 22% on the day of the GPT-4o launch and continued to grow in the following days, according to Appfigures. On Tuesday, net revenue was up to $900,000, nearly twice that of the app’s daily average of $491,000.

Before this, ChatGPT’s second-biggest spike was in April, but it was much smaller: merely an abnormally high revenue day, not a massive jump.

The ChatGPT mobile app earned $4.2 million in net revenue across both the App Store and Google Play from May 13 to 17, the firm found, which represents the largest revenue spike the app has seen to date. The jump in revenue indicates there’s real consumer demand for trying out the latest experiments in AI, particularly on mobile, even if it’s more expensive than a Netflix subscription.

Charu Thakur