Spacex Crosses Milestone: Demos First Starlink Direct to Cell Satellite Video Call

| Updated on May 27, 2024
spacex milestone Starlink

Since 2022, SpaceX has been hustling to bring us a groundbreaking satellite phone service, and it’s all set to launch in 2024. And, they’ve just recently hit a huge milestone that’s got everyone 

SpaceX has teamed up with T-Mobile and a bunch of other international carriers to make this dream a reality. They’re forming the ultimate squad to revolutionize how we stay connected.

SpaceX posted an epic video on X (formerly Twitter), and it’s nothing short of amazing. In the video, a SpaceX employee makes a video call to another SpaceX employee. This call was made using an unmodified phone connected to their new service, Direct to Cell. 

It’s the first-ever video call on this service, and it’s kind of a big deal.

Just a couple of months ago, SpaceX wrote to the FCC, bragging about how their tests were either meeting or surpassing expectations. And even though the video call was a bit blurry, it proved that the service was definitely on track.

When Direct to Cell rolls out later this year, it’ll start with texting only. Voice and data services are set to follow in 2025. So, we’ll soon be texting and eventually chatting and surfing the web, all thanks to SpaceX’s stellar innovation.

Reena Choudhary