Stock Analysis for Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (TSE:3774)

| Updated on June 13, 2024

Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (TSE:3774) has many owners. Regular people, known as individual investors, own 35% of the company. This implies that they have substantial influence over events. Big companies, called institutions, own 30% of the company.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation is the largest shareholder, holding 12% of the stock. KDDI Corporation also owns 12%. Koichi Suzuki, who is the Chairman of the Board, owns about 6%. These top shareholders own more than half of the company’s stock.

Big companies owning a large part of the company shows that professional investors trust it. However, errors can be made by experts as well.

A large portion owned by regular people gives them significant influence over the business. They can help decide how the company is run.

Other firms own 27% of Internet Initiative Japan. These might be companies that work with Internet Initiative Japan or have similar business.

Insiders, like board members and top managers, own shares too. They have a stake worth JP¥26 billion. This is good because it shows that the people in charge are concerned about the company’s success.

In short, Internet Initiative Japan has many different owners. Regular people, large corporations, and insiders all own shares of the company. This combination can impact the business in a variety of ways and aids in balancing disparate interests.

Charu Thakur