BMW Unveils the 2025 X3: What You Need to Know

| Updated on June 20, 2024

BMW, a company that makes cars, has come out with a new type of SUV called the 2025 X3. It has some changes that make it different from the older model. The X3 now comes in two versions: the X3 30 xDrive and the X3 M50 xDrive. These vehicles have hybrid engines, which run on both gas and electricity.

BMW Unveils the 2025 X3

The new X3 looks a bit bigger than before. Its front lights are redesigned with a more angular appearance, and its infotainment system on the inside offers improved controls for music and other vehicle functions.

If you want to buy one of these new X3s, the X3 30 xDrive starts at $50,675 and the X3 M50 xDrive costs $65,275. They cost a bit more than before because they have newer parts.

People in America will be able to buy these cars later this year. BMW makes them in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The X3 30 xDrive has a small engine that saves fuel but still works well. The bigger X3 M50 xDrive has a bigger engine and can go faster. Both cars have all-wheel drive, which allows them to easily navigate different types of roads.

The X3 also looks different on the outside. The front of the car has bigger air openings and more modern lights. The wheels are also bigger, giving the car a more sporty appearance.

Inside, the X3 has a big screen in the middle that lets you control everything. It is simple to use and has a lot of exciting features. There’s also a special place to charge your phone while you drive.

Overall, the new BMW X3 is a fancy SUV with many exciting features. It is slightly more expensive than before, but it is worthwhile if you want a stylish and advanced vehicle.

Charu Thakur