Discord’s Turning The Focus Back To Games With A New Redesign

| Updated on June 3, 2024
discords gaming

Discord is getting a makeover, and it’s all about bringing the fun back to gaming. They’re rolling out a brand-new app design, and it’s got everything you need to level up your gaming experience: revamped group chats, voice calls, video calls, and so much more.

Jason Citron, Discord’s fabulous CEO, sent out a heartfelt message saying they’ve had a little change of heart. Instead of trying to be everyone’s go-to community chat app, they realized they needed to focus on what they do best—helping you bond with friends over games and shared hobbies. It’s all about connecting before, during, and after you dive into your favorite games.

This year, you can expect some new updates to the app. They’re making it super quick and easy to jump into your conversations, and they’re also boosting the reliability of voice, video, and streaming. Plus, they’re bringing Discord’s magic to even more devices. 

This shift back to gaming is a bit of a plot twist! Back in 2020, with everyone stuck at home because of the pandemic, Discord tried to transform into a more general chat app where you could chill, learn new things, or just share ideas. But, times have changed. They had to lay off 17% of their team after growing too fast, and Citron was busy testifying before the Senate about keeping kids safe online. There’s even talk of new laws to protect kids on platforms like Discord.

In a recent chat on the Decoder podcast, Citron dropped some hints about this new direction. He said they’re now laser-focused on gaming as their main thing—because, more than 95% of Discord users are gamers.

Charu Thakur