Fallout x Fortnite Confirmed! Wasteland Warfare Arrives in Chapter 5 Season 3

| Updated on May 23, 2024
Fallout Fortnite crossover chapter 5

The most popular battle royale game, Fortnite, has recently announced that a Fallout collab is on the way.

This Friday, Fortnite shared a tweet with an image that showcases a dusty landscape with Fallout’s Brotherhood of Steel Power Armour looking to the left. The post itself didn’t share anything as to what the crossover will be like but we can assume, that just like in classic Fortnite fashion, it is going to be awesome.

Epic Games also updated Fortnite’s in-game news feed, confirming the same that Chapter 5 Season 3; Wrecked will be arriving soon thanks to “Brotherhood of Steel.” This new season will be released in the coming week, on May 24.

As of right now, there is no proof of what the crossover will bring to the game, but we think that there will be plenty to choose from. And the T-60 Power Armor is the fan favorite.

Besides its been 10 years since the last mainline Fallout game was released, but the series has seen a reprise thanks to the Amazon web series. Well, whatever it is that Epic Games is planning we can only hope that it will do the original game some justice.

Reena Choudhary