Steam, Epic, and GMG are Canceling Ghost of Tsushima PC Pre-Orders in Non-PSN Countries

| Updated on June 25, 2024
ghost of Tsushima

According to a recent report, all the major players in the gaming industry are allegedly canceling and refunding the pre-orders for the PC port of Ghost of Tsushima. Steam, Epic Games, and Green Man Gaming are canceling the pre-orders for the game in countries where the PSN is not available.

This means that Ghost of Tsushima will only be available in 90+ countries, excluding more than 170 countries where the PSN is not available to players.

Ghost of Tsushima only needs to be connected to the PSN account if you want to link the game to the Legends multiplayer mode. If you’re playing the game in single-player mode, then the linking is not needed.

In light of this, the game developer went out of its way to send a message to the players about this requirement. Steam, Green Man Gaming, and Epic Games Store each had disclaimers notifying players of this situation as well.

The platforms are now delisting the game from their platforms.

Aside from this, Steam is sending this message out to players who are being refunded.

Steam Mail to Players about Ghost of Tsushima

As frustrating as it is, the situation with Tsushima feels pretty similar to how Sony handled Helldivers 2. Earlier this month, Sony also announced that they would be pulling Helldivers 2 from countries where PSN was not available too.

Following a backlash from many players around the globe, they were finally forced to pull back on that decision. It looks like Sony is trying to do the same once again with Ghost of Tsushima.

Charu Thakur