Legacy Google Workspace Accounts Get Surprise Free Storage Upgrades

| Updated on May 29, 2024
legacy google workspace accounts

According to a recent report, some people with old-legacy G Suite accounts (now Google Workspace) have scored a rare win—they’re still getting their accounts for free. Some are even getting extra storage without paying a dime. But who knows how long this free scheme will last?

Back in 2020, Google decided to jazz up G Suite by renaming it Workspace. They announced everyone had to switch to new subscription plans, which meant pooled storage instead of the individual kind. Naturally, people who’d been enjoying their free accounts for around a decade weren’t having it. Google listened and did a little U-turn, letting them keep their freebies—as long as it was for personal use.

Just recently, those lucky legacy account holders got an even better surprise. Until June 2022, Google was letting these users pay for extra storage. But last week, these folks started getting emails saying their storage subscriptions were canceled. At first, that sounds like a bummer, right? But wait—the email ended on a high note: “Your storage limit hasn’t changed, and you don’t need to do anything.

Jenny Thomson, a Google spokesperson confirmed that these users would keep their extra storage and their old accounts: “Customers who received this notification will maintain their storage allotment and can continue using their existing account.” This also applies to those who switched to Workspace but still had extra storage through Google Play. According to Google’s support page, this extra storage won’t mess with the pooled storage totals.So, for now, it looks like those who’ve clung to their free G Suite accounts for over a decade can keep enjoying their perkswith a bonus of extra storage.

Reena Choudhary