Like Button on X Goes Dark: What it Means for You

| Updated on May 30, 2024
like button x goes dark

There’s some big news in the social media world. X (formerly Twitter) is shaking things up once again. This time, they’re ditching the feature that lets us see what posts other users have liked. Yes, this means no more sneaking peeks at the things your friends are hearing. 

Haofei Wang, the director of Engineering at X, says this move is all about protecting our image. Apparently, a lot of people are scared to like “edgy” content because they don’t want to be judged.

MacRumors first spotted this when they noticed a new flag in the iOS app that’s going to remove the Likes tab from our profiles. Wang reassures us that soon we’ll be able to like posts without worrying about who might see them. 

Just to clear things up, Enrique Barragan, another X staff member, explained the details:

  • You can still see who liked your posts.
  • You’ll be able to see the like count on all posts, replies, etc.
  • But you won’t be able to see who liked someone else’s post.
  • And say goodbye to creeping on others’ “Liked” tabs on their profiles.

This all comes after some big-name users got caught liking some seriously NSFW and controversial stuff. For example, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and the Chinese ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming, both had some awkward moments liking pornographic content. And our favorite drama magnet, Elon Musk, got heat for liking transphobic posts.

Since Elon took over, X has been like a rollercoaster of changes. Remember when hiding likes was a feature you had to pay for with the premium subscription? Or when he axed the ability to block users and strip headlines out of news post previews?

Reena Choudhary