A Planet That Smells Like Rotten Egg

| Updated on July 9, 2024

The James Webb Space Telescope found a really smelly planet called HD 189733 b. It’s like a big Jupiter and it’s about 64 light-years away in a place called Vulpecula. 

This planet is amazing, but the only thing that makes it bad is the smell of its atmosphere. No one likes a melly atmosphere that smells like rotten eggs. 

And it is obvious that people are not interested in going there, so billionaires like Elon Musk who are interested in interplanetary travel would be disappointed because not only is it almost impossible to reach there at the current state of science because it is 64 light years away, but we do not even have a practical way to get there, which is kind of sad. 

Apart from that, we can clearly see that this planet is far away from Earth, and the smell of its atmosphere is something that humans cannot detect, so we should not go there and leave that planet alone forever. 

Even though it resembles Jupiter, it is still much larger than Jupiter and larger than Earth.

Charu Thakur