Free Pokémon! New Limited-Time Distribution Hits Scarlet & Violet (May 2024)

| Updated on May 22, 2024
pokemon scarlet violet free distribution

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are preparing to give away a new Talonflame Mystery Gift in honor of the 2023 Japan Championship winner. The Pokemon will come with the move-set that the winner used, which will make it a pretty good Pokemon to have on any player’s roster.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and earlier versions would regularly drop Mystery Codes for players to use. Using the code would let players download a specific Pokemon to the game directly.

The Pokemon Japan Championship was won with a Talonflame and a copy of the very same Pokemon will be made available to players in Scarlet and Violet from June 1 to June 3, as reported by Serebii.

Talonflame has an adamant nature, the ability to gale wings, and is a Ghost Tera-type Pokemon. The move-set it comes with includes Acrobatics, Tailwind, Protect, and Quick Guard.

Talonflame Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Once the Pokemon becomes available, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Mystery Code will be released through the official channels that fans can use. And, to use the code, players just need to access the main menu, select Poke Portal >> Mystery Gift >> Code, and then enter the code that they have. 

While the game series had a pretty rough launch, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has not stopped offering things for players to do since its release. The game also has regular raids to give players the chance to get their hands on more fun and unique Pokemon to fill their roster.

Charu Thakur