Samsung Mocks Apple’s Crushing iPad Pro Ad With Its Own ‘Uncrush’ Pitch

| Updated on May 20, 2024
samsung mocks apple with its own uncrush ad

Samsung heard that Apple had managed to upset a lot of people with the “Crush” ad revealed last week at the iPad Pro reveal. And like is the classic Samsung style it has created yet another ad that mocks Apple once again.

In response to Apple’s “Crush” ad, Samsung recently released its own version of the “Uncrush” ad and posted it on X. The Ad shows a woman stepping over debris and spilled paint reminiscent of the end of Apple’s bug hydraulic press incident and taking a seat to hum and play notes on a guitar, assisted by notes displayed on a Galaxy Tab S9 and the power of Galaxy AI.

No matter which side you’re on when it comes to the great iPad ad political divide, it’s a little fun to see Samsung trying to find a weak point in Apple’s armor again. 

Samsung’s marketing department used to practically specialize in this stuff, which the company’s lawyers argued “drove Apple crazy,” but it seemed to run out of gas after deleting ads about iPhones dropping the in-box charging adapter. 

More recent attempts, like a browser-based Galaxy test drive for iPhone owners, just haven’t had the same punch as mocking that distinctive notch. This is not the first time Samsung has taken a swing at Apple, but just like in the past we can expect that soon Samsung will copy what Apple is doing with its own devices.

Reena Choudhary