Shocking! – This Bacteria is Billion Years Old!

| Updated on July 10, 2024

Recently, researchers from California discovered an ancient fossil that can be easily dated back to 1.3 billion years, indicating that it belongs to the Boring billion period. 


During that time, seismic activity on Earth was low, which slowed evolution and other biological activities. It is easy to see why this period was dubbed the Boring billion. 

However, the fossils discovered by the scientists are said to have come from an asteroid. Scientists are still researching its structure and determining which type of virus or bacteria it belongs to, but the fossil was of a microscopic algae, which is unusual given that elgi only began evolving 900 million years ago. 

We must wait and see if there are any new updates on this topic; for the time being, it remains on the street, and people are excited about it because understanding biological evolution can contribute to many things, including scientific research. 

The establishment of a solid biological foundation that can benefit any country as well as the entire scientific community worldwide, eventually benefiting all people.

Charu Thakur