This $150K Samsung’s New MicroLED TV Can Change Everything!

| Updated on June 6, 2024

Samsung recently launched a new large TV that costs around $150,000. 

Samsungs New MicroLED TV

However, there are three other sizes available: the first is 89 inches wide and costs around $110,000; the second is 101 inches wide and costs around $130,000; and the third is 114 inches wide and costs around $150,000.

However, the luxury they provide is accompanied by a unique micro LED technology found in these televisions. They use a tiny light in the TV that works on its own, resulting in a very clear image with ultra realistic contrast and deep black shadow effects. 

You may not encounter any issues with images becoming stuck on the screen; instead, your experience with this latest Samsung luxury will be smooth. 

The TV has almost no edges around the screen and can be set up in a variety of ways. Samsung began producing these large TVs in 2018 with the first model, the Wall, and will resume production in 2024. 

Surprisingly, all of these TVs are currently out of stock but will be available soon on the Samsung website. 

Team Samsung has revealed that this TV is also capable of performing AI-related tasks, which has the potential to forever change the entertainment industry. 

As Samsung made these claims, they should not be taken lightly, and we can clearly see the importance of AI integration into smart TVs in the near future.

Charu Thakur