This Robot is Now Technically Alive!

| Updated on July 10, 2024

Scientists developed a new robot face that resembles a human. The face has special skin that can fix itself like human skin. It can even smile!They created this skin in a laboratory at the University of Tokyo.

Technically robot

They used human skin cells and put them on a 3D-printed base. This makes a thin layer of living skin on the robot’s face.They want to make robots more human-like, particularly those that help people, such as healthcare or service robots.

Professor Shoji Takeuchi, who led the project, said this skin can feel touch and heat, just like human skin. It can also heal itself if it gets hurt.The skin doesn’t look exactly like human skin yet, but it’s a big step. 

It still needs to have blood vessels and sweat glands added to make it thicker and more realistic.

They think it might take about 10 more years to make robots with this kind of skin that can help people every day.This new skin could also help test new makeup and skin products. 

Scientists discovered that the robot’s face can develop wrinkles just like real skin.Robots with this new skin may be a common sight in our future, providing many services and perhaps even resembling us in appearance.

Charu Thakur