What is Noplace? A New Social Media Platform?

| Updated on July 9, 2024

Big platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are introducing new features to keep users engaged. Users, on the other hand, are dissatisfied with algorithm changes, unclear policies regarding the use of content for AI training, and an overload of ads and bots.


Meanwhile, new Instagram alternatives pop up almost weekly. Examples include anti-AI Cara and TikTok Whee. But do people actually need or have time for more social media apps? 

This week’s trending app is Noplace, which has quickly topped the iOS App Store download chart. Its retro look appeals to Generation Z, who likely missed the Myspace era.Noplace, like several new social media platforms, focuses on the “social” aspect rather than just media. 

Currently, it only allows text-based posts and messaging, with no photo or video sharing. Users can create profiles with information such as age and relationship status, and then share what they are doing, reading, listening to, or watching. Tags, or “stars,” indicate hobbies, interests, and star signs, helping users find each other by searching for topics. 

Noplace also includes a “top ten friends” section, similar to Myspace’s “top eight.” It lets users customize profile colors, adding a touch of personalization.

The app includes a gamified element where users earn badges and unlock features by spreading positive vibes in the community. Points are earned through posting, commenting, and boosting others’ content.

Noplace is free to download and currently only available for iOS. 

Charu Thakur