The Importance Of Accurate Property Descriptions In Listings

| Updated on July 11, 2024

Owning a property is a dream for most of us in general, however, the process of hunting for one can be quite tiresome and confusing. That is when most of them just go through the best real estate listings to feel assured about the quality of the houses being listed among them. 

As an agent, you can also achieve that milestone if you make use of search engine optimization (SEO)to come among the top searches. However, to come among the top picks and be appealing you need to make use of several features such as the keywords, and description.

Are you an agent who wants to appeal to the buyers? Stay till the end of this article to learn about the strategy called property description, its importance, and how to write them.

So, let’s get started!

What is a Property Description?

Property Description

To define, in layman’s language, property descriptions provide potential buyers or renters with comprehensive details about the property. It includes the details such as:

  • occupancy status
  • management details 
  • unit mix
  • amenities
  • documents associated  
  • financial metrics

These are some crucial details that should be added while a property description is being drafted. This helps in garnering the attention of real estate leads in a good number. Besides that, you should also consider real estate SEO  to rank among the top searches on the Internet. 

There are 2 kinds of property descriptions that you should remember while drafting one. They are as follows:

  • Legal Description (for knowing the exact geographic details such as the boundaries)
  • Marketing Description (focuses on the layout and features intended to attract the buyers)

Thus, according to the observation of the market and the needs of the targeted audience, draft the property descriptions and appeal to them!

Why is Accurate Property Description Important in Listing?

Accurate Property Description

Every buyer has their set of expectations and usually prefers to purchase property from those who have an appealing property description. Hence, listing accurate descriptions of the properties is essential because it in a way decides the fate of that property. Let us know how:

Appeals to the Buyers

Being among one of the top advantages of property descriptions, drafting an appealing one helps in attracting leads.  But how does it work? 

All you need to do is add all the required information, i.e., detailed yet without going too far, and be creative. However, just writing is not enough because the leads focus on the following:

These aspects of the property description are what grab the buyer’s attention, which makes it an important factor in determining whether it’s a dealmaker or breaker!

Focuses on the Important Aspects

While you are describing the property, always be mindful of highlighting the best features and things that the house offers! This also helps in drawing the attention of the potential leads in the market.

All you need to do is study the market and the patterns of the tactics used by your competitors. According to your analysis, you will know how to efficiently draft the details of your property.

Now think about, what aspects you as a buyer consider. In general, you would look for:

  • The area and size of the property
  • Interiors of the house
  • Energy-saving features
  • Water supply
  • Location of the house

Although these are just a handful of them, this is what most of the buyers are looking forward to. Again, this can help you attract your potential buyer!

Short yet Informative

Did you know that the structure of the property description decides the response of the market? Yes, the way you structure and present the highlights of the properties without exaggerating the description.

This allows the buyers to get a preview of the house that it has to offer to the owner, making it easier for you to sell the property! What makes it appealing to the buyers is also the fact that it saves them the time to search the further details because the description has it all.

All the information that they are curious about is provided in just a matter of 10–12 lines in each section (location, area, and water supply, among several others). 

How to Write a Property Description


As mentioned earlier, having a good property description in the listing is essential for garnering more attention from potential buyers in the market. For this to happen, you will have to work on your writing skills. 

Fret not, all you need to do is focus on some factors such as these:

Highlight Property Details 

Highlight Property Details 

It is important to add the details of the property when it comes to the number of rooms & bathrooms, along with the overall measurements of the property. Do not forget to mention the unique details of the house such as the pools, network connections, or storage space.

Seeing these highlights can garner the attention of countless buyers and tempt them to get in touch with you to learn more about the property!

Location Description

Location Description

While the buyers are looking for a suitable property to purchase, location is among the crucial factors to decide whether that house is suitable or not. In this manner, it can become the determining factor while coming to a conclusion.

With that in mind, you should attach the photographs (professionally taken) along with a detailed account of the locality and the surrounding area. Mention the amenities being offered and why the buyer should prefer that location.

Promote the Unique features 

By unique features, we mean the amenities being offered in the property without getting in-depth of the underlying details. Highlighting them is vital for attracting and influencing them to recognize your property in no time.

Along with that, list down the features such as the waste supply and the energy-saving options to ensure them about their choice.

Final Inputs

Real estate or real properties are the lands or buildings owned by individuals in general. While some wish to rent or sell them off, some dream of buying their property and going in search of it. 

However, it is not an easy process because they look into the property descriptions to figure out which one is ideal for them.
So, as an agent, you need to stress the structure as well as the content of it because it can be a dealmaker or breaker. Always remember that property description appeals to the leads because it is informative and straight to the point! Enjoy making a draft!

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