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| Updated on July 17, 2024
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Podcasts remain to be a great medium to enhance your knowledge and explore new things. Recently, a new and wholesome podcast, Geekzilla, has launched, where the hosts are coming up with new topics and guests. Spending time listening to the Geekzilla podcast can boost a person’s creativity, attention, focus, and communication skills. 

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In today’s article, we will learn about the Geekzilla podcast, what makes it unique, and how to access it.

Overview of Geekzilla

Geekzilla is a recently launched long-form, in-depth conversation podcast. This podcast has been popularized for its unique topics, underrated guests, and the boldness of the host on sensitive issues and matters. Its faithful audience has really been impressed by the set, audio quality, background music during the intense talks, and small video edits, like funny clips and transitions.

Since the launch date, there have been 75 episodes of the Geekzilla podcast, each being released every 2 days, which shows the consistency and dedication of the hosts.

What Makes Geekzilla Podcast Stand Out?

Uniqueness plays a vital role in the establishment and promotion of a podcast. Different formats of shows display their originality in different ways, but for a podcast to work, it is extremely difficult and important to stand out, as every other podcast focuses on trending topics. 

A podcast setup

Following that, the Geekzilla podcast stands out in the following ways.


The research team and the host of the Geekzilla podcast are extremely knowledgeable and aware of the trends. This includes inviting guests around trending topics like Neil deGrasse Tyson for topics like space, stars, and black holes.

Some of the most listened-to topics of the Geekzilla podcast are psychology, technology, sports, movies, and history.


The organizer of the Geekzilla podcast has released the episodes completely free on various hosting platforms to maintain the easy accessibility of the listeners. This step significantly affects the earnings of the podcasts; therefore, they sell custom merchandise, Patreon memberships, sponsorships, and automated ads to earn money.

Bluntness of the Hosts

People love the Geekzilla podcast because of the honesty and directness of the hosts on sensitive topics like mysteries, crime, mental health, etc. The hosts approach these topics with the strategized mentality of presenting the facts and figures first, followed by any personal statement to avoid any backlash on the internet and dodge the cancel culture. 


Where every other podcaster is inviting big and well-known experts around the topic, the Geekzilla podcast invites underrated experts. This benefits both the show and the guests. The show gets insights into the guest’s industry, and guests gain recognition on the internet. 

The Ability of the Hosts to Make Everything Entertaining 

Another reason why people love to listen to the Geekzill podcast is the ability of the hosts to make everything entertaining. It doesn’t matter how boring the topics are; they always add a funny and entertaining factor to them. One of the most listened-to episodes of the podcast is on the bland topic “household,” which has been widely loved by the listeners

Engaging the Audience 

The Geekzilla podcast also engages with the audience to get new podcast topics and Q&A for guests. The engagement is done through various means, such as live sessions, comment sections of posts, and tweets.

Where to Listen to the Geekzillla Podcast?

The Geekzilla podcast is available on the following platforms:

Wrapping Up

The dynamic nature of the Geekzilla podcast has influenced other podcasters to freely provide their episodes and invite small creators and professionals to give them a career boost. This podcast can be a great way to get industry insights for beginners who are planning to change their career industry.


How often is a new episode of the Geekzilla podcast released?

In the initial 1–2 months, an episode was being released every 2 days, but after a few months, they started releasing a new episode every 4–5 days.

Like the other podcasts, is there any merchandise of the Geekzilla podcast? 

The community goods of the Geekzilla podcast are under process and will be available soon. The merchandise includes coffee mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, and customizable mobile cases.

Do I need to pay any subscription fees to access the Geekzilla podcast? 

No, the Geekzilla podcast is completely free and can be accessed through major podcast hosting platforms, like Google Podcast, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

Is there any age restriction on the Geekzilla podcast?

Due to the bluntness of the hosts and guests on sensitive topics, some episodes of the Geekzilla podcast are age-restricted and can only be accessed by listeners who are over 18.

What are the major topics of the Geekzilla podcast? 

The topics of this podcast revolve around social and political issues, the gaming industry, technology, wildlife, professions, and many more.

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