Gumroad Discount Codes – Steps to Create Membership Coupon Code

| Updated on July 17, 2024

The e-commerce platform Gumroad emerged as a boon for those who want to sell their products such as e-books, music, videos, software, etc online without an intermediary. Undoubtedly, the tools that it provides to its users are amazing but the Gumroad discount code makes it stand out from others. 

After finishing up the signing process and listing the products in this digital space, one can create Gumroad discount codes which help to grab the attention of more customers. If you’re a user of Gumroad and want to learn the method of creating a Gumroad coupon code then check out this post right away. 

Steps to Create Gumroad Discount Codes

Creating a Gumroad offer code is like a piece of cake. Once you’re done with the registration process, start listing your items. Add the name, price, features, and other description of the product you want to sell. 

Then, follow the steps listed below to generate a Gumroad discount code: 

  1. First of all, click on the ‘Checkout’ tab. 
  2. On the checkout page, tap the ‘Discounts’ tab. 
  3. Choose a ‘New Discount’ to continue. The platform offers an automatically generated Gumroad discount code. But you’ve got the option to replace it with your custom code. 
  4. Create a code that contains only letters and numbers. 
  5. If you want to apply this code to all your products, choose ‘All Products.’ Otherwise, select a particular product of your choice and apply the code to it. 
  6. After entering the discount code, add the amount or percentage off of the total price. 

How to Customize Gumroad Discount Code 

Set the parameters listed below to customize the Gumroad offer code: 

  1. Limit the Quantity: 

    By default, a Gumroad code can be used countless times. To restrict the total number of times a particular code can be used, you can choose a ‘Limit quantity’ option. 

  1. Limit the Validity Duration:

    You can also set the validity duration to ensure they are used on time. It is useful for limited-time deals and promotions. 

  1. Specify a Qualifying Amount 

    Set a minimum amount in dollars to define that the coupon code will only be applied after the customer’s total purchase amount exceeds this particular number. 

  1. Specify a minimal quantity 

    Set a minimum quantity to encourage buyers to purchase more than one of your products. Only when a person purchases a quantity that is larger than or equal to the set amount will these coupons be applicable.

Make sure that ‘Allow customers to choose a quantity’ is on so that your customers can use this Gumroad coupon code. It can be done by visiting the product’s edit page. 

How to Allow Customers to Use Gumroad Coupon Code

Enable the ‘Only if a discount is available’ option on the Checkout form tab to display the discount code input box. If you don’t toggle it, your customer has to apply a discount code by using a URL parameter.

Membership Discounts 

A mind-blowing feature of Gumroad is that it allows you to select whether you want the Gumroad discount code to be valid for the first billing period only or you want to set a particular duration of its validity for the membership customers. Selecting the option for Once (first billing period only), helps you increase recurring sales. 

Otherwise, you are stuck with a particular discounted price until the end of the membership duration. 

Simple Way to Edit Gumroad Discount Codes

  1. Tap on the discount that you want to edit. 
  2. After that, a side panel will open on which you have to focus on ‘Products’
  3. Under the production section, choose the share option. It will automatically generate a copy of your product’s URL with ‘/{yourdiscountcode}’
  4. When you open the discounted link, you’ll be able to see both the original and the discounted price. As of right now, there is no other means to display lower rates.


How can I include an offer code in the URL of my product?

You only need to add the offer code at the end of your product’s URL. Like this,{YourProductID}/{YourOfferCode}

Can I use more than one Gumroad discount code on a product?

No, you can use only one discount code to get a discount on a particular product.

Can I add a Gumroad offer code to my custom domain?

Yes, you have to embed the offer code at the end of your custom URL. Like this, 


Can I embed a discount code to an affiliate link?

Yes, you can. A discount code and an affiliate link can be combined like this, 

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